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November 6, 2011 / harrymann

Djokovic’s shoulder injury could possibly end his wonderful 2011

The best player in world, Novak Djokovic, suffered his worst defeat of the season at the hands of young Kei Nishikori from Japan.

Djokovic, who hasn’t played competitive tennis since September, had the following to say at the end of the match, “I could barely serve for much of the match, I was in pain,” “My shoulder is very bad, we won’t even talk about the third set. I have a lot of pain in my body from the competition this week. I hope I can be ready for Paris.”

The next tournament begins this coming Monday and now it looks more unlikely the Serb will participate in it. Although he mentioned he will most likely travel to the place and see how he feels, and then take a call.

Djokovic firmly believes that staying away from competitive tennis for a long time and then coming back in a grueling first round match against Malisse, was something his body was not prepared for. He has been sore since the beginning of this week.

What does this mean to the rest of the season for Novak? This has been one of the greatest seasons in tennis since Federer’s 06, and winning the world tour final would make this season even more special for him. Can Djokovic get healthy enough in time?

Injuries are such a terrible thing. You may not be a fan of a person but seeing any player getting injured, whether you like him or not, is such a shame. I would rather want Djokovic to take it easy this season and concentrate on getting back fully fit at the start of the next season to continue the campaign from where he left off. This is, of course, if he feels his body is not ready for competitive tennis. No point rushing back and causing your body more harm than good. If only a little more time off can help heal the entire body; I am all for it. Do you agree with this?



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  1. moran1984 / Nov 7 2011 9:41 pm

    Here is my opinion on this one – He shouldn’t withdraw from Paris and if necessary he shouldn’t play
    in London either but I think he will surely play in WTF because it’s a really big deal for him and for the sponsors who won’t give up their no. 1 player without a fight.

    Personally, a part of me really wants to see him play in WTF because it will be so boring for me without him but I know his health comes first so hope he does the right thing and play there only if he’s fit.

    • harrymann / Nov 8 2011 12:29 am

      Yes Moran. We want the very best to compete against each other. Therefore Novak playing would make these events much more competitive and it becomes all the more exciting. However, if there is even a slight doubt of injury, I think he should stay away. As you rightly pointed out, health comes first.

      Good to see you back Moran.

  2. moran1984 / Nov 7 2011 9:43 pm

    Forgot to write thank you harry for what you wrote me in the other blog, I appreciate it.

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